About Our Toys

Hi there! I am so pleased you made your way here to us. Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Daniels and I’m a former funeral director and Vice President of Operations.

I am also a practicing realtor in Albuquerque, NM. I started 4BF LLC (For Best Friends) as a joint venture to provide the pet industry with the best sourced and quality made natural rubber toys on the market.

After becoming a dad to three girls, I started researching and learning how bad BPAs and toxins in today’s toys really were. As a concerned pet owner, I quickly realized that what I was letting my dogs chew on was filled with these toxins.

4BF USA’s origins started way before that in 1945 with my partner’s family rubber manufacturing factory in Mexico City supplying the rubber tires for Mexico’s 201st fighter Squadron, which was attached to the U.S. army’s 58th Fighter Group during World War II. Fast forward to the when they supplied the fronton balls in the Olympic and Pan American games and the athletes’ dogs went crazy for the balls; 4BF For Best Friends was born with far off dreams of entering the US market. That’s where I came in. We just had our third daughter and I left the funeral business to start my real estate career, but I took a sharp turn into the pet industry when this opportunity arose. It was perfect timing and we hit the ground running on laying the foundation for a successful global company that gives back to charitable organizations. Our ride has not been easy, but we are holding true to our vision and our passion has only grown.

I consider our 4BF pack that includes some of the best retail spaces in the universe a treasure in my life that keeps growing every day. We hope to have you as part of our pack to make you proud you are giving your best friend the most sustainable toy on the market. It comes straight from the tree and manufactured with the purest formula with the kindest hardworking hands dedicated to quality and safety. From farm to fang; that’s what you’ll get.


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